Workshop «Rural Urbanism» — in English

Results of the workshop

The work-shop «Rural Urbanism» took place August 2013 in the Yaroslavl region.

The company TDI in collaboration with the master program «DUE» (Design of Urban Ecosystems) organised a work-shop named «Rural Urbanism», which took place from August 25th to 29th in the city of Yaroslavl.

Rural Urbanism



The russian population is more and more concentrating in urban areas; thereby huge expanses of our country are abandoned without proper attention. Life outside of the city is fading and with it may fade down life in general too. Cities are like parasites — consume more resources than they can produce and have to rely on the surrounding vast areas for maintain a balance.

How do you maintain that balance? How to animate, breathe life into non-urban, rural life? How to engage in the development of non-urban areas young and active participants? Those were the points at issue of discussions during the past workshop. >>>

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