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ArchTriumph — Триумф архитектуры и дизайна
Триумф Павильон 2014: Павильон Мечты от IPT Architects
Открытие выставки: 30 июня 2014
Место проведения: Музейные Сады , Cambridge Heath Road, Бетнал Грин, Лондон E2 9PA
Вход: Бесплатный

Павильон Мечты является самоподдерживаемой структурой с размерами: 4 м в высоту и площадью около 59 м², построенной в основном из OSB листа, древесины и необработанной низкоуглеродистой стали. Он построен по проекту базирующейся в Лондоне архитектурной фирмы IPT Architects, работающей с экопространствами и реализующей видение перехода от закрытости к прозрачности как интерпретации темы мечты.

Триумф Павильон 2014

Triumph Pavilion 2014 — Museum Gardens Installation

ArchTriumph — Triumph of Architecture & Design
Triumph Pavilion 2014: Dream Pavilion by IPT Architects
Exhibition Period: 30 June 2014
Location: Museum Gardens, Cambridge Heath Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PA
Entry: Free

Dream Pavilion is a self-supporting structure measuring 4m in height and approximately 59 m² in area, constructed primarily out of OSB sheet, timber and untreated mild steel. It is the design of a London based architecture practice IPT Architect working with Ecospace to realise the vision of a shifting form from solidity to transparency as an interpretation of the dream theme.



London, United Kingdom
Official Opening: Museum Gardens, Cambridge Heath Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PA
The Pavilion project has the support of the Mayor of the borough, the local community and the council’s events and culture team.

Reception: V&A Museum of Childhood, Front Gallery, Cambridge Heath Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PA

Thursday 05th June 2014, 7pm -10pm

London, United Kingdom
Exhibition (During the London Festival of Architecture): Thursday 05th June 2014 – 30th June 2014, 8am – 8pm daily

About IPT Architects
IPT Architects is an architectural practice based in London, United Kingdom founded by Amira Idris-Town and Lee-Anthony Town.

The practice is that has consistently worked on projects that respond to social, economic and environmental issues within the private, commercial and public sectors. It has a wide experience of working on projects in diverse locations, from tight urban spaces to controversial rural sites.

IPT Architects were also finalist of the Young Architect of the Year Award 2011 (YAYA).

About ArchTriumph

ArchTriumph is an organiser and sponsor of International Architecture and Design competitions and events through its international Awards platform covering Europe, North Americas, South America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Australia/Oceania.

The company recognises that design competitions are a core process of the architecture practice in the real world and offer architects the unique and vital platform to pitch for work, present ideas, compete with other architects or just to express a certain creative flare that is sometimes suppress in their normal practice, all adding to their portfolio.

It believes that architecture has the power and capacity to influence the way a society views itself and functions. The organisation hopes a number of innovative architects will be discovered through its competitions, awards and showcase.

Its competitions are open to individual or team of architects, graduate architects, students or teams of graduate architects, architects, designers, urban planners, landscape designers, engineers all of which encourage collaborations with an architect for project realisation.

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