Dream Pavilion by IPT Architects

Триумф-павильон 2014, представляет собой выставку в Музейных садах недалеко от Музея детства V&A в Лондоне, а также сопутствующие мероприятия в течение месяца проведения Лондонского фестиваля архитектуры.

Видение архитектора: 

Павильон имеет целью спровоцировать дискуссии об архитектурных стремлениях и творчестве путём изучения геометрии для создания вдохновляющих пространственных форм. Хотя есть запланированный маршрут циркуляции через павильон, границы между внутренним и внешним пространствами размыты, и посетители могут проникать через разные пространства и пересекать периметр для дальнейших размышлений.

Archtriumph pavilion

Там может быть тонкая грань между мечтой и реальностью, тем самым восприятие в павильоне постоянно переходит от монолитности к прозрачности, в зависимости от точки зрения. Структура павильон создает вдохновляющие и постоянно меняющиеся тени в соответствии с движением солнца.

Triumph Pavilion 2014

Dream Pavilion” 

ArchTriumph is pleased to announced exhibition of the 2014 Triumph Pavilion at the Museum Gardens in Bethnal Green, London E2

9PA, next to the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum of Childhood until 30th of June 2014.

This year’s summer Triumph Pavilion theme is Dream, hence the title “Dream Pavilion”. It is a theme that invites visitors to dream about a unique space, creating a place, achieving an ambition or simply being inspired by a series of thoughts, images and sensations. We hope it encourage you to dream and realise the vision of what can be.

The Pavilion is a self-supporting structure measuring 4m in height and approximately 59 m2 in area, constructed primarily out of OSB sheet, timber and untreated mild steel.

The Pavilion is a showcase structure to spotlight the work of an architect or design team. This year’s Triumph Pavilion is the design by a practice based in London called IPT Architects and was chosen from hundreds of proposals submitted to an annual international competition call for the Triumph Pavilion 2014.

The showcase of their talent and most importantly practice through projects such as this is a vital and integral part of their professional growth. It is important that a new breed of architects and designers are given the opportunity to showcase their work, with the provision of a great visual platform through the annual “Triumph Pavilion”.

The brief was to design a structure for this year’s Triumph Pavilion to provide an inspirational and interactive space where visiting architects, designers, families and the general public can stand, walk-through or seat around to admire and engage with each other to share discussions about design or simply relax within the unique settings of the Museum Gardens.

The Pavilion is to be enjoyed by both the visitors to the Museum Gardens as well as those to the V&A Museum of Childhood with views afforded by the great south windows.

The Pavilion is expected to be sold after its exhibition run with the hope it will be exhibited by the new owners. Next year’s Triumph Pavilion 2014 is expected to be “Sky Pavilion

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